Mental pictures

You know when you get a project in mind and you can imagine *exactly* how it’s going to turn out?  It looks so perfect in your mind’s eye and you just know that it’s going to look awesome when it’s all done.

We had a project like that recently.  We had a photo shoot planned to get a bunch of pretty stock photos for our blog and website and we knew exactly what we wanted for our “official” header.  We each have a vintage Acme dressform that we’ve picked up along the way because neither of us can say no to old stuff, particularly when it’s old sewing stuff.  We were going to take the “girls” on an epic tour of rural central Ohio, photographing them against picturesque old barns, in picturesque fields, at the edges of picturesque woodlines… you get the idea.  It was going to be picturesque.

Except that it wasn’t.


We really tried.  Our lovely and talented friend Amy was our photographer and she did everything she could to make it work.  We drove up to our friends Bri and Kenny‘s farm, set up our shots and Amy clicked away.


Perhaps we were thwarted by the fact that it was a beautiful bright, sunny day which washed out some of our shots no matter how carefully we watched the clouds.


But I think that our real problem had nothing to do with Amy’s photography or with the light conditions.  It was conceptual.  Why would two dressforms be wandering around a farm?  Were they just out for an autumn stroll?


Taking in the scenery?  Probably not.  It didn’t make sense for the dressforms to be out in nature and the pictures reflected it.

Although we were bummed that our original concept didn’t work out, we had some unexpected wins from the shoot.  I didn’t even think about picking up a bunch of snapdragons until the morning of the shoot, despite the fact that our company is called  Snapdragon Studios.  (Duh.)  Our header shot above was almost an afterthought, but we ended up loving it.

So many of Amy’s flower shots turned out to be stunning.



Some of my very favorite pictures, though, ended up being of the old sewing supplies that we set up into little vignettes.


Kim’s Singer Featherweight was especially photogenic that day.


These buttons were passed on to Kim from her mom and grandma.


The funniest part of the day?


I’m pretty sure the goats had never seen a dressform before.




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