On my nightstand

I am a reader, so when I come across a particularly good book, I’ll be recommending it here in a sometimes-series called “On my nightstand.”

I just finished reading Kate Morton’s The Secret Keeper and I *loved* it.  It’s a beautifully written story about a woman coming to terms with her mother’s impending death, a brutal act she saw her mother commit when she was young, and the past her mother never shared with her and her siblings,  With chapters alternating between Laurel’s investigation into Dorothy’s past, scenes from Laurel’s childhood and flashbacks to Dorothy’s childhood and life in London as a young woman during the Blitz, Morton gradually reveals bits of the mystery without giving everything away too soon.  I did not see the twist at the end coming at all – in fact, when I got to it I had to stop reading, sit and think for a few minutes to re-process everything that had come before.  Five stars.


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