On Gratification

I’ve been thinking lately about gratification.  Or, more specifically, about delayed gratification.

I usually think of myself as being pretty good at waiting for the good stuff to happen.  I don’t get antsy waiting for vacations to come because for me the lead-up to the vacation – the planning, the knowing it’s coming, the imagining how awesome it’s going to feel to… [soak in the ocean, walk on the beach, wander through Paris…] is just about as sweet as the real thing and it lasts longer.

Probably the most prolonged experience I’ve had in delayed gratification was while I was pregnant for Jack, but even then I was pretty content to wait.  We didn’t find out ahead of time whether he was a boy or girl and I spent many happy moments imagining what my life would be like with a son or a daughter.  Even now, when Paul and I are expecting our second, I’m excited to meet the little goober (in July – where is the time going??) but have plenty to occupy me until then.

Usually, for me, the things that are hardest to wait for are the silly little things.  The 12 minutes it takes to bake cookies.  The three minutes to steep my tea in the morning.

Right now, though, Kim and I are working on a really big project.  And I can’t wait anymore to share it.

Snapdragon cover photo website clothing patterns coming soon

We have three (soon to be four!) patterns in development, all of which will be ready to test in the next few weeks.  And once they’re tested and the final proofs are done, they’ll be ready to print.  And once they’re printed (or even before, if we release the PDFs before the printed copies as we’re considering) they’ll be ready to send to you.

We’ll be releasing sneak peeks in the coming weeks, and more thorough write-ups as we get feedback and images from our testers.

This has been the biggest, most exciting exercise in delayed gratification for me yet.  We began our collaboration last August, and our learning curve has been steep to say the least.  Although we’ve both been sewing for ages (it makes us sound old to say we’ve been sewing for decades, even if that’s true), this is the first time we’ve attempted to share our designs this way.  We hope that you’ll join us for the journey and that the delayed gratification will make the final product all the more sweet.



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