victory is mine!!

after many years of moaning, complaining and whining about sewing in a corner of the basement….a cozy, but still dark corner of the basement that i shared with the laundry, furnace and storage shelving….i finally got a studio space of my very own. it’s smallish, but bright and inviting and it’s mine, all mine. don’t fret, we plan to share our sewing spaces with you soon, but for today i’m going to tell you about one small corner.


it’s the corner where i store my tubes and bolts of interfacing, muslin and swedish tracing paper and until today they were just sort of stacked there looking a bit forlorn. it’s the corner that had me perplexed since i finished the space nearly a year ago, and it’s the corner that i’ve been determined to conquer.

yesterday was a lovely saturday spent with my husband, sister and brother-in-law poking around in the deep recesses of an antique mall. one of my favorite pastimes. we were searching for the perfect cabinet for a birthday gift for our mother (which we found…woo-hoo!) and as i was paying for my items i turned and saw this little gem of a shopping cart…score!!


i brought said gem home with me, gave it a quick scrub in order to be studio worthy and today i am victorious!! it’s perfectly portable, just the right size and was a bargain no matter what my husband might tell you.



now, about that empty wall….


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