DIY Not?

So tonight was the first night for a new program that my co-worker Grace and I launched at the library where we work.  It’s called DIY Not? and it’s a meet-up group for people (all women at the moment) interested in doing creative things and possibly starting businesses doing them.  (This may sound rather familiar to you if you’ve read any of the rest of this blog.)

I’m pleased to report that our first meeting was a success.  We had 15 attendees (plus 2 babies, who I’m totally counting as children attending the program, bringing our total up to 17 – hah!), and the 15 of us achieved that elusive mix of chemistry and friendliness that just can’t be planned for.  Granted, Grace and I prepared as much as we could ahead of time – we had craft supplies on hand to give people something to do while they chatted, we made nametags so that people wouldn’t have to keep introducing themselves over and over, we had cupcakes and punch so that there was something to do with our hands (and our mouths) when we were done crafting or when conversation died down – but nonetheless, all the planning in the world can’t prevent awkward silences if one’s guests aren’t in the friend-making mood.


But luckily everyone was.

(Sorry about the not great pictures – I noticed after I got home that my camera’s lens is apparently stuck or not opening properly, because there’s a dark shadow in the bottom corner of all of my pictures and I’m totally not ambitious enough tonight to edit them.)

Our craft this evening was bookmarks, which seemed appropriate for the library.  We also had a little game going around and “selling” a Regretsy product which was comical.


It was a fun evening and I’m already looking forward to next month.


If the new friends and good conversation wasn’t enough, there were cupcakes.  (Which, truth be told, turned into a bit of a Pinterest fail to go with the Regretsys – the cookies and cream icing in the Pinterest picture totally wasn’t grey.  Maybe I skipped over the part of the recipe that called for folding the cookies into the frosting *gently* instead of just mixing them with everything else.  But whatever – the frosting was still pretty tasty.  Even if it was grey.)


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