a sneak peak at what’s happening in my studio

friday was a lovely day here in central ohio….a hint of spring to come.  and so one of my dearest friends, susan, and i headed for the big city to spend the afternoon fondling fabric….and i adopted a few yards in the process. i was a woman on a mission if the truth be told, because snapdragon studios has a big day coming up soon….our very first pattern photo shoot!!   i needed to choose some fabric to make samples for two of our new designs and i was excited!!  i mean, come on….a legitimate excuse to buy yards and yards of fabric….and not the old standby of “i’ll make such and such one of these days”….nope…this time i had real plans.

we began our afternoon at a small shop that i”ve never visited.  dabble & stitch (www.dabbleandstitch.com) is a wonderful little shop in columbus….and it carries yarn too!!  tons of natural light and some great, cozy seating if you want to sit and knit a while.  katie was so sweet and her newborn daughter is just adorable!  i came away with this beautiful print from jessica swift and blend fabrics, which will become a “summer jazz dress” very soon.  and i may have brought home about 50 cute buttons….can you ever have too many buttons?


did you see that?  our name on that pattern piece!!!

from there we traveled an entire 2 or 3 miles to sew to speak (www.sewtospeakshoppe.com) and more lovely fabric.  susan was searching for fabric for 2 baby quilts for her soon-to-arrive twin grandsons (!!) and i was on a quest for another choice for the “summer jazz dress” and also for our “weekend wanderer skirt”…..which i found after being forced (insert smirk) to touch nearly every bolt of fabric in the store.  behold amy butler’s lotus and a linen blend in red for the skirt….

DSCN5041 DSCN5040

AND…a leah duncan print for art gallery fabrics for another dress!


coffee was needed….badly!!  we headed up the street to panera for soup and relaxed with our coffee before heading home with our treasures.  i was a good girl and immediately prewashed my new finds and was putting them away when….what’s that in my stash??  one of my favorite anna maria horner field study prints….another “summer jazz dress”?  maybe in the shorter, top version?

so, my studio is filled to overflowing at the moment, just waiting for me to come and create.  i can’t wait to show you the designs!!

soon…..very soon!


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