please mr. postman…

i have a love/hate relationship with purchasing fabric online.  on the up side, there are tons of fabrics to choose from….more than any brick and mortar store i’ve ever seen!  and since i’m about 25 miles from the closest fabric store that carries any sort of apparel fabric, it’s nice to be able to order from the luxury of my kitchen table (and my jammies and slippers!!).  unfortunately, colors can sometimes be a bit of a surprise when they arrive since every computer screen will show something different, and i really miss being able to actually touch the fabric before i purchase.

it’s funny how i can order something, pay for it (full price mind you!)….and still feel like it’s a holiday when it arrives in the mail.  i guess i tend to forget about the paying part of the process while i’m waiting for delivery.  and so, last week i found myself checking the mailbox a couple of times each day (no…my mailman only delivers once a day….but i still checked!) hoping to find a package from hawthorne threads.  thursday was a “work” day, meaning i went to the office where i work part time vs staying home and “playing” in my studio….and i’m not sure what happened, but i FORGOT that i was expecting fabric…..i know, i know!!  i pulled into my driveway and there…on my porch….my package!!!  i was disciplined enough to wait until i got inside…and i think i may have even hung up my coat….and then i tore into that little sucker.


and there it is….a most lovely knit.  it’s valori wells “wish” and it’s beautiful.  i’m not telling what it will become, although the most astute among you might recognize the shape of a bodice up there.  my sewing machine has been purring all weekend whipping out samples for our upcoming photo shoot.  this knit will definitely be coming to the party.  thank you mr. postman, thank you very much!



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