Studio days!*

As Kim mentioned in her last post, we’re busy sewing up samples for Snapdragon Studios’ spring photoshoot, which will be taking place this Saturday, so I’m here with a sneak peek at some of the gorgeous, gorgeous fabric that is making its way through my sewing machine.



First up is Cocca by Kokka “Amu-Amu”, a 100% brushed tencel challis that I am pretty much dying over.  The drape is absolutely gorgeous.  The colors are brighter than in my photograph above – unfortunately most of my sewing happens during artificial lighting hours these days – but here’s a link to a better image.  Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find this for sale online (I bought mine at Sew to Speak), but if you do come across it I promise it’s worth every penny.  Love, love, love.  I can’t wait to share the finished product with you!

Switching colorways entirely, I’m also working with Amy Butler’s new Hapi line and it’s making me hapi happy.



Aren’t the colors gorgeous?  Again, they’re more vibrant in person than my not-quite-up-to-speed photography is showing (note to self: learn photo editing), but I’m really excited for this project, too.  This is a quilting-weight voile in the Tapestry Rose Sapphire colorway that I bought at Sew to Speak, but it looks like Hawthorne Threads has it in stock.  It’s fun working with the two very different fabrics at once: the challis is slinky and decadent while the voile has tons of body and is as perky as can be.  (Working with the two at once is like I imagine being a manager for both Katherine Hepburn and Shirley Temple at the same time would be.)

Other fabrics upcoming but not pictured: Amy Butler’s Lark in Ivory Souvenir, a lucious Robert Kaufman linen/rayon blend in “leather” (sort of a wheaty-gold color) and a brown Robert Kaufman 21 wale corduroy (all of which I found at Sew to Speak).  So much goodness on my cutting table right now.

Jack, bless his little cotton socks off, has been really patient while I’ve been sewing up a storm.



He occupies himself by taking every single book off his shelves…



Chasing the dog around the living room…



And toddling over to “supervise” as soon as I get the camera out.  (Notice the havoc in the background of that picture?  That’s Jack’s price for entertaining himself while I sew.  C’est la vie.)

Just two more days until we have lovely, professional photos of our spring collection!  Back to the studio!



*Ok, so “studio day” is a little bit of a joke at my house.  While Kim has a spare bedroom she was fortunate enough to be able to convert into a sewing studio, my entire house measures in at 484 square feet (if you measure from the outside corners), so my “studio” is also the living room, dining room, and office, while my cutting table is the kitchen table and my ironing board hangs off the bedroom door.  It’s comical.  But when I’m sewing, it still counts as a studio, right?  Even if I have to clean off my “studio table” in order to feed my family dinner?


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