coffee and sunshine

i feel like having coffee….and i really want to have coffee with a friend on this “almost springlike” afternoon, but it’s mid week and i’ve already set aside the day to work on patterns. so instead of running out to the local coffee shop, i’ve brewed a pot, poured my cup and i’ll sit here and chat with all of you for just a few minutes. grab yourself a cup too!

the whirlwind of beginning a business had me reading, both online and library finds, searching for all the “right” answers for most of the winter. don’t get me wrong…i also spent many hours in my studio designing and hopefully perfecting a couple of great garments, but the research was thrilling. with each book i’d say to myself “we can do that!”, or at times “did that…and did it well”. now we’re into the nitty-gritty of deadlines….self imposed deadlines, which can be (and have been!) changed. but the deadlines loom. i feel like we’re getting closer, but there’s so much more to do, and being who and what i am, i’m not willing to settle for less than what we originally set out to do. am i being too firm, or am i being true to myself? hard to tell, so we’ll just keep moving forward.

i think the promise of spring has given me just the small lift i needed….inspiration comes in the way of sunshine? does it do that for you too? everything seems possible when the sun is shining!! i can finish these patterns, redecorate the house, paint the playhouse and plan a garden….all in an afternoon of sunshine….or so it seems. i’m so anxious to share our projects with you and the world….and it will all happen according to plan, thanks to some sunshine!!

and if we were having coffee today i’d want to ask you what you’d like to see on this blog. we have a few tutorials up our sleeves (still wearing long sleeves….sleeveless takes me a while!), and i’d love to give you a grand tour of my little studio. and while i do plant what i refer to as my “salad garden”, Elizabeth is the true gardener and we want to share the fruits of her labors as well as some recipes that we love. and of course….the grand reveal of our pattern line!! is there something that you’ve always had questions about….bias trim? setting a sleeve? we want to fill these pages with helpful tips, tutorials and anything else that will bring you joy while you sew.

speaking of sewing….i should finish this cup and head to the studio….those deadlines are calling and i plan to turn on some music and “make skirts while the sun shines”!!

thanks for stopping by for a few….enjoy the rays!



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