Good Things

You know how Martha Stewart has her “good things” series?  Good things for the kitchen, good things for the garden…?  The thing I like about the good things is that some of them are products that you can buy, yes, (and I could write a whole different post about my love-hate relationship with consumerism) but many of them are ideas for little things you can do to make life easier or more enjoyable.  Beyond everything else, though, the good things are a call to notice and appreciate the mundane details of life.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it here before, but this spring has been pretty ridiculous for me.  I’m finishing up teaching a college course, working part-time at my local library, and getting the pattern company up and running with Kim, not to mention wearing all of my “normal” hats of wife, mom, pet owner, church member, homeowner, reasonably responsible citizen… it’s been busy.

But in all of the craziness, I keep coming back to Martha’s good things (can I call her that?  I’ve been a fan for so long I feel like we could be on a first name basis).  Here are some of the good things in my life these days.

(Please note that none of these are sponsored links – they’re just little things that I’ve been enjoying lately).


For the past three or so summers I’ve been selling bread for a baker friend of mine at some of the local farmers’ markets.  It’s always fun to get out in the sunshine (or occasionally out in gale force winds and driving rains, but hey…), meet some new people and sell some awesome bread, but what has really been neat is to have a chance to meet some other growers, makers and bakers and learn about their products, too.  A couple years ago I was selling bread at the Upper Arlington farmers’ market and the booth next to mine was Jennifer’s of J2Organics.  We got hooked on her lavender and oatmeal soap, which is seriously the most luxurious, best smelling soap I’ve ever used.  All of the ingredients she uses are organic, sustainable, and fair-traded, which I like, and the lavender soap smells like Provence, which Paul likes.  We order it from her in bulk now because it’s a sad, sad day in our household when we forget to reorder in time and run out.  Seriously – there are many heavy sighs from the shower when Paul has to use something different.



At my friend Kate’s wedding a couple months ago she gave air plants as favors.  I stuck mine in this hanging vase that I think I got from CB2 a long time ago.  It hangs in the window by my bed and makes me smile every morning.  So spikey!



I finally repainted my toenails a lovely sort of chocolate-y rose color from Sally Hansen – it’s called “calming cocoa”  and no, I didn’t just buy it for the name even though chocolate and calm both sound awesome to me right now – because it dawned on me that this month is about the last time I’ll be able to easily reach them until August.  (I also realized that I have to lean out over my belly to see my toes.  It’s that time already.)  After looking at chipped grey nail polish for the past few months it’s been a pleasant change.



I keep coming back to this picture I snapped a couple weeks ago because it amuses me how well it sums up my life these days.  The fabric is for samples for our upcoming photo shoot (Robert Kaufman linen/ rayon blend and Amy Butler Lark, both from Sew to Speak in Columbus) and diapers, always diapers, drying on the line.  We have used Bum Genius all-in-ones for Jack for his whole life and have been very happy with them.  Aren’t they cute all lined up to dry?



And speaking of little nubbin’ butts, it’s time for our morning squirrel watch, so I’ll sign off for now.  Don’t forget to notice the good things that make you happy today!


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