On the iPod

I really like Christmas music.  I start listening to it after Thanksgiving (I do at least have the restraint for that), and I turn it off after Christmas (ok, ok, after New Year’s Eve), but I listen to it A LOT in between times.

Sometimes, though, I get a little burned out on music after the holidays.  January and February seem like good times for quiet in the house, times for keeping lights dim (the better to not see the cobwebs that form in the cold winter months) and for curling up with a book under a quilt.  The books for this January and February were Dr. Seuss and The Little Engine that Could: somewhat different from my fare for past years, but even so.

Springtime, though, is time to break out the iPod again and start opening windows, cleaning house and rocking out to some good tunes, so in that vein I thought I’d share what I’ve been enjoying lately.  (Also, I’ll freely admit that these are all old groups/ albums.  When I was in college I relied on my friends for new music recommendations and since I graduated seven years ago a few years back I’ve been hopelessly behind.  But nonetheless, this is what I like listening to these days.)

So in that vein, here’s what’s on my iPod these days:

The DecemberistsThe King is Dead  – a few years old now, but Just So Good.  After I’ve listened to The King is Dead about a million times in a row I go back to their older stuff (Picaresque and Castaways and Cutouts are longtime favorites, but The Hazards of Love satisfies my childhood obsession with rock operas that began with The Phantom of the Opera.)  I started listening to the Decemberists my sophomore year of college when a group of brand-new friends invited me to go to a Decemberists concert and ever since the group has reminded me of best friends and pre-real life college days.

Evan WatsonSouth – also a few years old (he does have a new album out called Midnight Oil, but I haven’t heard that one yet).  Evan has great, gravelly, bluegrassy voice and a good sound, plus he’s a fellow Wooster grad, so you know he must be good people.

Roger Hoover and the Hurt, Lay My Rituals Down – this album at least is relatively recent.   When Paul came to visit me in Wooster for the first time we went on a date to the much-missed Seattle’s Coffee where, unbeknownst to us, Roger Hoover was playing with his band, the Whiskeyhounds.  It was a great date (one highlight was Paul responding “two sets of twins and a single” to a guy who asked how many kids we had.  Apparently we were already acting like an old married couple despite not having seen each other for eight months and having only spent one day together before that?).  We bought one of each other albums Roger Hoover had for sale that night and have kept an eye out for his new work since.  Lay My Rituals Down is a kinder, gentler Roger Hoover than the one we first heard in Wooster back in aught-six, but it’s spot on.


So basically I’m super nostalgic for easy college life (despite the fact that most of the time I really like being a grown-up), but somehow these seem just right to me for sunny days with the windows open.  I hope spring has sprung where you are, too!  What’s on your iPod these days?




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