a sewing lesson for my little “bug”

i am fortunate to be able to care for one of my great nieces each wednesday.  while her name is brooklynn, the family usually calls her b…and i have always called her “bug”.  don’t ask me why…i really don’t know, except that she’s cute as a bug!  we’ve been spending wednesdays together for 2 1/2 years now and we do lots of crafts together….lots of gifts made with love.


a few weeks ago she said to me “aunt kim, can we go into your room (studio) and sew something”?  oh, be still my heart!!  could it be the birth of another sewist?  i know her attention span (not big), and it was late in the day.  i didn’t have a plan….a project in mind, but i’ve been thinking about it since then.  i knew it had to be something that appealed to her 4 1/2 year old tastes….something that was quick…think immediate gratification here.  so today, while strolling through the local joann store i think i may have found the answer.


the girl loves her “hello kitty”.  this is one of those panels that is elasticized at the top….could be a skirt, could be a sundress.  i think it will be a dress….one seam and some pink ribbons attached as straps….easy, peasy, lemon squeezie!!  her first time at the sewing machine and she’ll create an entire dress!!  and while she’s not exactly a “dress” sort of girl (think running, climbing, tumbling)….stick a pair of knit shorts under this little cutie and she’ll be adorable.

so, what was your first sewing project?  and how have you taught the love of sewing to young ones in your life?  i’d love to hear from you….we’ll be needing a second project!



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