coming soon: the final installment!

Update!  All patterns are now available in our Etsy shop!

i have no cute stories to share.  my grown sons would kill me if I posted a story about them at this point in their lives!!  so i’ll just get on with the business at hand…..the third pattern in our debut collection, the weekend rambler skirt!


i just love the lines of this simple little a-line skirt.  the yoke is so flattering to all figures, drawing your eye down the center and out to the side.  i added little pockets in the corners….just big enough to hold that cell phone or credit card and i.d.  not a fan of pockets?  leave them off.  love them?  make them in a contrasting fabric to make them pop.  the weekend rambler sits just below your natural waistline, but if you prefer it at your waist, just drop down a size and you’re there!











while all of our photo shoot samples were made of cotton or linen, i can already envision this skirt for fall in a pinwale corduroy, or in wool (with boots!!), or  dress it up with a special fabric to make it silky-shiny….so many possibilities.  that’s why we think it’s not JUST for the weekend.

i can’t believe that in about 36 hours or so we’ll be leaving home and heading for quilt market in pittsburgh…exciting doesn’t cover it!!  and we’re ready….ready to meet and greet, introduce ourselves and share our designs….oh yeah, and ride the incline (gotta take a break sometime!)  if you’re heading there too, watch for us….you’ll recognize us…we’ll be wearing a summer jazz dress/top, a market day tunic and a weekend rambler skirt (but not all at once!)

and maybe, just maybe next quilt market there will be lots of these walking around!!



looks like whitney is taking a train to pittsburgh!!


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