kims quilt market highlights

this isn’t my first rodeo….i’ve been fortunate to be able to attend in the past.  once with a designer friend attending as a buyer (also in Pittsburgh), and once as an exhibitor in houston.  each time i’m awed when i walk through through the doors and this year was no different.   it’s definitely sensory overload!!   you come away filled with inspiration….and a looong list of “to-do’s”.  your head spins and your heart pounds as endless creativity carries you away to that place where anything is possible.  there’s no way to show you all the beauty that was contained in that convention center, so i’ll share just a few of the things that inspired me and made me smile.

in no particular order of beauty….



valori wells …her work always takes my breath away!!  she always greets you with a smile and a warm hug and makes it all looks so effortless.  her booth was filled to the brim with stunning samples made from her new line of fabric “quill”, available through robert kaufman and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of it.  she was gracious enough to agree to be a part of our upcoming series of interviews “snapdragon studios top 10 with…” which we’ll begin sharing soon.  and coincidentally, the sumer jazz top the elizabeth is wearing here was made with valori’s fabric…(insert shameless plug for pattern).


this bag was sooo beautiful….made from her new line and embellished with beading.  i was really tempted to try and steal it, but was able to maintain a little dignity and decided i’d just have to come home and copy it!!  valori also has a new line called “blueprint basics” which is just as beautiful.  i really wanted to photograph every single sample!




this is kay whitt of serendipity studios. she’s a clothing pattern designer with amazing style!  see that tunic she’s wearing?  all that embellishment added by hand…it was stunning.  the designs are from allison glass (i’ll be showing you a little piece of her work too).  kay was kind enough to spend a little time talking to us and giving us some advice, which is always appreciated, especially from someone as talented as she is.  she also has a drop dead gorgeous jacket pattern with hand applique that was quickly added to my “must have” list.




a trip to market wouldn’t be complete without seeing what amy butler and dave have in store for us.  they never disappoint!  amy’s new line of fabric “glow” does just that and just look at that darling dress in parson gray….it’s a chambray shirt with his flannels stitched at the waist making sort of a petal skirt.




i promised to share an allison glass picture.  this wool wall took my breath away….i couldn’t stop looking at it.  it was part of the back wall of her booth and it was all hand stitched.  remember that place i mentioned, where anything is possible?  this is one of those inspiration pieces….not at all probable after looking at my to-do list, but absolutely beautiful!




above is the amazing team of designers from cotton and steel, a darling bicycle appliqued on a quilt (for you amy!!) and some luscious fabrics from kokka that elizabeth and I both drooled on (sorry kokka….it will wash!!)




and the darling booth (with the darling caroline!!) of april rhodes and caroline hulse with their new fabric lines from art gallery fabrics.  art gallery fabrics produces lovely pima cotton, voile and knits…i love them all!!  april wasn’t available when i snapped this picture, but she was there.  if you’re a sewist you must pick up some of these fabrics…..”gleeful” by caroline and “arizona” by april…both make my heart sing!



DSCN0130 DSCN0131

aren’t these the MOST AMAZINGLY beautiful umbrellas you’ve ever laid eyes on??  the way they used the fabric to create just the perfect center top?  i’ll need to look back in my notes to see who’s booth they were in….i was so taken with them i couldn’t be expected to remember details like that.  these are definitely on my list…..Christmas recipients, what do you think?  i know i’d carry mine rain or shine!!


whew!!  believe it or not, that was just a BIT of quilt market!!  i didn’t even get to my favorite fabrics from blend fabrics, or the darling prints from the jungs, and many others that will be receiving a large portion of my income over the next several months.  it was a great trip…i think elizabeth and i both came home inspired (and tired), ready to create.



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