all gave some…some gave all: memorial day

i am blessed to have been raised in a small Midwest town….several generations of my family have called this town home and lived here their entire lives.  i never tire of the beauty of this place and this morning i attended our 146 annual memorial day celebration knowing that i would come away moved by the community that gathered there.  i know many (probably most) of you reading this blog live in this town, lived here once and moved away, or live in one of the many similar small towns dotting our general area.  count your blessings friends.

one hundred forty-six years….just think about that.  every single one of those years found residents gathering to mourn, celebrate and remember those who served….the ones that returned and definitely the ones who did not.  my little town did not disappoint today, and i felt moved to share it with you.  we had our re-enactors present in full regalia.


the local men’s chorus (i always sing along, but respectfully)



moving speakers….each and every year i think “well, they’re not going to top that” and every year they do.  this year there was a memorial plaque dedicated to the last local boy who was killed in action.

DSCN0193 the ceremony always ends with  “salute of departed comrades”…the traditional 21 gun salute, and playing of taps.  the grounds are silent, even while crowded with residents, as two high school band members play taps…one from near the podium and the other, the echo, from just over the rise.  there are songs, speeches and readings, but it’s the taps that speaks to my heart on this day.


while we fill our memorial day weekend with lawn work, planting the flower beds, cookouts and generally celebrating the “opening day” of summer, it was fitting that we spend just a bit of solemn time remembering the ones who served, fought and died to defend our rights.  not all went with enthusiasm, and while some i’m sure, hated the war they fought, they honored the country that asked them to fight it.




i  hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend, complete with sore muscles, sunburnt noses and bulging bellies.  thanks for letting me share.



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