Starting Small

Between finishing teaching and Quilt Market and preparing for the release of our patterns, my garden has taken a back burner so far this spring.  We had such gorgeous weather this weekend, though, that I was able to get out and at least get my herb bed weeded and in good shape for the season.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAIn years past I’ve only planted herbs in this bed, which runs along the privacy fence that separates our yard from the alley.  This year, though, I bought a whole flat of snapdragons (of course) from Infusions Nursery and Greenhouse along with some coleus and a few other pretty little things and they seemed like they wanted to live with the herbs.  Who am I to refuse?  (Besides, I have exactly no other beds ready to receive them, so the herb bed was the default.  Mea culpa.)

We also went to Wilson’s Garden Center to stock up on our annual herbs and to replace some perennial herbs that didn’t survive our bitterly cold winter.  Our oregano, mint, chives and loveage came back from last year, but the thyme, sage and rosemary, lavender and dill bit the dust (I didn’t even know it was possible to kill dill, but our weeks of sub-zero temperatures did a number on it), so we replaced those and also got some marjoram and two kinds of basil to round things out.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAWe mulched the heck out of the bed because I’m becoming less and less inclined to bend over as the summer progresses and hopefully the combination of landscape fabric from last year and tons of new mulch will discourage the weeds at least until the end of July when I might be able to reach the ground again.  (Hopefully the new baby will like being outside as much as the toddler does and I’ll be able to let him or her chill in the shade while Jack plays in the sprinkler and I play in the garden.)



I don’t know why I was such a purist in past years about keeping flowers out of the herb bed – I am loving the little pops of color.  We have big plans for getting the rest of the yard shaped up and a nice patio built on the back of the house.  I can’t wait to share updates with you as we complete our projects!



In the meantime, we’re starting small and watching things grow.




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