Shopping spree!

I’m not typically much of a shopper.  Clothes shopping is alright, except that all the places I like to shop (Anthropologie and J. Crew, I’m looking at you) are out of my budget most of the time and I’m not really one to just go and browse if I’m not actually looking for something in particular.  I’ve been known to spend some time wandering around Target (or Tar-jay, if I’m lured into spending more than $100 in there), but again, it’s a once in a while thing.

There’s one kind of shop where I never walk out empty-handed, though, and that’s a fabric store.  Yesterday Amy, Jack and I hit up two of my favorite fabric stores in the area and we came home with all sorts of good stuff.

The purpose of the trip was to buy fabric for two baby quilts, one for a boy and one for a girl, in preparation for a giveaway we’re hosting here on the blog.  I have been following Allison’s blog, Cluck Cluck Sew, for a few years now and I absolutely love her designs, so we’re making her Scout pattern for the girl quilt and Dixie as the boy quilt.  She was kind enough to throw in a couple of her new “little” quilt patterns (Playful and Mingle), so you’ll be seeing more Cluck Cluck Sew around here in the future, too.

100_1851 edited


Here are the fabrics we settled on for the girl’s quilt (all of which we bought at Sew to Speak).  Jack actually chose the first one (the peach and grey chevron print second from the left) and we took those colors as the inspiration for the rest of the quilt.  They’re not exactly traditional “girly” colors, but I love this combination.

100_1852 edited


I was a little bit busy keeping Jack from getting too touchy with the fabric in Sew to Speak, so I didn’t keep very close track of which designers I was choosing, but one of these days I’ll track down all of that info for you.  The aqua solid will be for the solid stripe down the center of the “feathers” and I’ll bind it with the mustard yellow.

100_1854 edited


And here are the fabrics for the boy’s quilt from Dabble and Stitch.  Apparently I’m on a grey and teal and mustard yellow kick at the moment, but I really love these prints together, too.  I wish I would’ve brought my camera with me while we were shopping, because Jack found a bin of minky at Dabble and Stitch and spent the whole time we were there petting it and nuzzling his cheek against it.  He is so my kid.  Again, I didn’t pay much attention to which designers I was picking, but I’ll track them down for you before we finish the quilts and have the giveaway.

Speaking of the giveaway, I’m 34 weeks pregnant this week, so we have six weeks, give or take, to knock out two quilts.  Time to get sewing!  Keep watching the blog and follow us on Facebook for more details on the giveaway as the time gets closer!



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