how my mini garden grows

when i was a child my parents had huge gardens.  some years they even used neighbors land to plant more than one.  as a kid i thought it was great fun…tilling, planting the seeds, even weeding.  and some of my best childhood memories involved sitting on the back porch shelling peas or snapping green beans.  i had no clue as to how much real “work” was involved….my parents seemed to make it look effortless…it was just something we did…it was our evening “entertainment”, what most folks did then instead of hopping in the car and running hither and yon (hither and yon???).  oh….it also supplied us with most of our food, neatly canned and lining the shelves.

as an adult i’ve turned back to those roots, but in a much smaller way.  my “garden” is a tiny raised bed filled with mostly salad fixings, sugar snap peas and this year a wee section of green beans for my husband.  i love me a salad….and what could be better than walking out into the yard and picking dinner right out of the garden?  AND, i can see my little green spot from the window of my sewing studio….win/win!!


my ingenious little fence opens on both sides to allow me to reach in for my dinner, but it’s about to go bye-bye.  my father has a large stand of bamboo….i know…most people feel that bamboo is a nuisance and try to remove it, but we’ve embraced it.  it makes a perfect blind again the side of his machine shop and supplies us with untold amount of bamboo for teepee stakes, fishing poles and garden use.  the stakes are waiting patiently for me to install them…i’ll use them to create a new fence and to support the peas and green beans….dad will be pleased!

my tomatoes are always grown in patio pots on my deck and i’ve had success doing it that way.  walk out the kitchen door, grab a tomato and rinse.  also out there on my patio table is a small basket with chives and oregano…both handy and fragrant.

DSCN0250 DSCN0253








outside of the actual “garden” i seem to have a knack with clematis….meaning, i plant them and they grow!!  i love the “wildness” of them…sprawling and climbing, throwing their blooms out like fireworks.  i have one at the corner of the garage that has swallowed the trellis and sent it’s little arms out into the peonies and the daylilies…like a neighbor stopping over for a cup of coffee.


and another beside the deck….there’s an old tobacco fence supporting this one….with just a bit of help from some old pantyhose (just knew those things would come in handy some day!!)  also by the deck is a wisteria that used to be on a trellis until the wind came whipping by and took the trellis, leaving the wisteria to fend for itself.  a childhood friend and master builder built a small arbor for it and while i worried about the plant surviving, it proved me wrong and is flourishing.  i have plans to build a pergola  and more wisteria are definitely in my future.


and look there….you can see where my dog Oakley has done his best to “help” with the watering of the boxwood!!  he doesn’t dig, so i allow him this one indulgence.

so there’s a peek at a small corner of my world….it’s not manicured, groomed and usually not weeded…but it’s a fine thing to behold when sitting with a cup of coffee in the morning!



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