a new dress for bug

remember this little cutie?  her name is brooklynn and she’s my little “bug”.  her daddy entrusts her to my care one day a week…technically it’s referred as babysitting, but in reality it’s just a play date for both of us!  a while back she asked if she could go into my studio and sew….so off i went in search of an easy, 4 year old sewing project.  i came home with a cute “hello kitty” panel, and a few weeks ago we began an adventure that i hope will continue.


she was ready!!  tootsie rolls are a must for every sewist and she counted hers out before beginning!!  i had pinned the one seam, matching the checks….but she wanted to “do it all herself”, so she pinned and sat down at the machine.


and she was off to the races!!  i had turned down the machine so it would run slow and not scare her…but i’m not sure she can be scared, and wanted to “rev it up”!!  one seam, a little ribbon from my stash for shoulder ties and bug has a new dress….of course, she hates dresses….so we’re calling it a “top” so she can wear shorts underneath (like any self respecting 4 year old girl should!!)


hello kitty…..and hello cutie!!  welcome to my studio….oh, the plans i have for you!!



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