i love my mailman….but…

i do, i love my mailman.  actually it’s a mail lady….or a mail person….or just “the mail”.  she’s great.  she brings things right to my door when they won’t fit in the box and she’s even made a special “after hours” trip to deliver something she missed on her earlier delivery.  but today i’m willing to kiss my ups driver!!  i don’t know who he/she is, but if they show up at my door i will kiss them!  because today he brought me this…..


and inside that lovely little box was this…..


and what it that pile of paper?  snapdragon studios printed patterns!!!  well, the hard copy proofs of our printed patterns….but hey, they’re printed patterns!!  i knew they were on the way.  i even had a phone conversation this morning with mccall’s and they told me to expect them today.  but after a long day at the office i never even looked by the front door to check.  my son walked in with the box under his arm and asked if i had ordered something.  something?? not just something…..printed patterns!!!!  and no, i’m not in the least bit excited by this box and it’s contents.


and tucked in there was the very official business card from mccall’s (really wonderful, helpful people!), which makes it all official and businesslike.

DSCN0278so, if you’re waiting for printed patterns instead of purchasing a pdf download, your wait is almost over….almost!!  just a few more weeks and we release these beauties into the wild….check the website for updates.  and ask your local shop to stock them.  please.

and ups driver, whoever you are….i’ll be here whenever you’re ready for that kiss!!



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