random wednesday

not a single picture taken this week….no major sewing going on…but hey!…it’s a holiday week and i’m preparing for it!  and so i bring you random thoughts….not deep thoughts…just random ones.

1.  i’m attempting to make the very popular flag cake for our picnic this year…..you know the one, it’s all over pinterest.  it looks like a layer cake, but when you cut into it the layers form a flag.  easy, peasy….but sort of a time suck.  maybe a pic will make it’s way here later.

2. my class reunion in tomorrow evening….and no, i’m not going to divulge the year.  let’s just say it’s been “a few” and leave it at that. i’ve only attended one reunion and while i enjoyed catching up, two hours was enough.  this year is a dinner…sit down style, which means i’ll be talking to two or three people for the bulk of the evening.  i’ve come up with tons of excuses to not go…planned to lose weight/ whiten teeth/cover gray hair/make something smashing to wear.  none of that happened of course, but i’m going anyway.  i mean, they can’t all be wealthy, retired world travelers can they?

3. for the past 4 years or so the wildlife on my property and i have had a mutual understanding…..they can have all those tiny, tart crabapples at the bottom of the hill as long as they leave my little salad garden alone.  it wasn’t in writing…..i’m not stupid, i know deer can’t write!  but it was understood.  i watch them every morning and evening enjoying the fruits of that tree, but this year, sometime in the dead of the night, they’ve broken our contract!!  nibbling the tops right off of everything in my garden.  any attorneys out there?  do i have a case??

4. also on the wildlife side of things…..i created a small fountain for my deck this year.  i love hearing the trickle of water in it.  i added rocks from the property and 2 water plants….a mini cat tail and a water lily.  everything was going swimmingly (ha!) until i discovered that there are tiny little swimmy things in it!!!  what the heck??  anyone know what these things are?  i’m assuming they may have come with the plants and at first they sort of looked like tadpoles.  but upon closer examination they’re more like tiny swimming worm things (yes, very technical!)  any advise would be appreciated.  i know they’re not going to climb out, but i plain and simple don’t like them!!

wishing everyone a fun and safe 4th of july….and to any readers in canada, a belated happy canada day!



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