small town celebration….and a cake!

i feel very fortunate to have been born and raised in this small town.  like every small town it has it’s “issues”, but i find myself falling in love with it over and over again.  the 4th of july celebration is the highlight of the summer.  as a small child I sat atop the shoulders of a family friend, wearing a new red, white and blue sundress to watch the parade….as a teen i marched in it as a member of the marching band (wearing wool uniforms on a 90 degree day!!)….as a young parent i shared in my son’s joy of seeing their grandfather ride past in the parade as an elected official.  recently i watch as a proud member of the community, enjoying both the traditional and the eccentric.


i always want to follow these guys down the street…love, love, love the harmonies of a barbershop quartet!


there were the patriotic dogs….

and vintage firetrucks.


DSCN5102the revolutionary war re-enactor who just happens to be a neighbor….and let me tell you, he’s quite convincing!!




the “abdo-men” are one of my faves….not only for their     creativity, but for their bravery!!!  i have nothing but respect for anyone who marches through town with a face painted on their abdomen and a party favor sticking out of their belly button!!




and of course, granville’s own “taco dan”.




the weather was perfect, the family watched together and followed it up with a wonderful picnic with friends.  a lovely way to celebrate!!

and just in case you were wondering… class reunion was quite nice.  not a one of us has changed in the least!

i leave you with my dessert contribution to the picnic….i mentioned it last week and wasn’t sure what it would actually look like until i cut it.  not only did it look like a flag….it was delicious!


this week it’s back into the studio, PLUS the countdown to elizabeth’s baby!!!



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