He’s here!

And, just like that, Paul and I no longer outnumber our progeny.  Samuel Atticus was born over the weekend after a short, fairly easy labor and we are over the moon excited to welcome him into our family.

20140720_065206Jack is settling into being a big brother, alternately showing us that he’s a big boy and self-sufficient at 20 months (and man, does he feel big compared to holding our 8ish pound newborn) and wanting to be cuddled and snuggled like the baby he still is.  He learned to say Samuel while he was on the way to visit us in the hospital (“Sam-ool!”) and I died a little from the sweetness.

20140719_170734Paul is tickled pink (blue?) to be a papa to two little boys.  (Two little boys who will not hold still long enough to get a picture together, I might add.)

20140722_072627So, after 9 months of speculation, that’s a small mystery solved and marks the opening of our quilt giveaway!  We’ll be offering the “girl” quilt (Cluck Cluck Sew‘s Scout pattern) to one of our readers.

100_1915 editedAll you need to do to enter is to follow us on Facebook, follow the blog (enter your email address in the sidebar) and leave a comment on this post telling us about your very favorite blanket ever.  We will choose a winner at random on Monday the 28th.

Good luck to all of you, and welcome to the world, baby Samuel!


*The giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Regina!*


134 thoughts on “He’s here!

  1. Sew happy for you and your husband, congratulations! I am now following your blog. My favorite blanket was an old quilt I bought at a yard sale that needed repair each time I washed it. It was so raggedy but looked great on my iron bed.

  2. Congrats on your little on! I love all kinds of quilts. I think my favorite style would have to be cheverons in any shape and style. I have made one and did it the most difficult way possible I think so I won’t be doing one again for a while. I love the one that you are giving away…cute colors! Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Congragulations on your new baby boy. I am the mother of 3 boys and 1 girl so believe me you are in for a wonderful ride. My favorite quilt is a Sunbonnet Sue I inherited from my grandmother made from clothing I wore as a child.

  4. My favorite quilt was one that my mother had started to make for my niece, but she had a stroke and never completed it before she passed away. She had saved material from dresses she made my niece when she was little & did a cross-stitch piece to put in the middle for Miss Tracy (my niece was a pre-school teacher). So, after my mother passed away we found the box of materials & that cross stitch & I knew I had to finish it for her. It was really only the 2nd quilt I had made but I felt my mom guiding me through it. I gave it to my niece on Mother’s Day the following year with a card from my mom (well, her spirit anyway). It was very special, very dear to my heart & I know my niece will always treasure it – – – a true gift from her gramma.

  5. My favorit blanket was a quilt my Grandfather bought me at an auction when I was a newborm. My Mom still has it tucked away safe for me. It is the softess thing I have ever touched. I think I am going to ask her for it so I can hang in my sewing room. Thank you for asking the question. I had forgotten about it.

  6. What a sweet baby boy! My favorite quilt was the first quilt that I ever made – a sampler quilt totally hand-pieced in green/peach/white. How was I to know that the beginning quilt block class that I signed up for way back when really meant there was absolutely NO machine stitching?!? But I went on to make the other blocks – by hand – eventually. It became a symbol of what I could do if I wanted to.

  7. Congratulations on your sweet baby!! My most favorite blanket ever is the one I’m secretly working on for my bundle of joy that is due to arrive in March 2015. This is my first pregnancy and I’m going crazy starting 1,000 projects. Would love to have a “finished” quilt like your give-a-way by the time she (I’m really thinking the baby is a she) gets here 🙂

  8. My favorite blanket ever is on my bed right now! A generous queen size HST quilt. It is the first thing I’ve made from start to finish…piecing, quilting, and binding all myself!

  9. My aunt gave me a favorite ivory colored crocheted blanket. I would rub the satiny trim on my face while I held it and sucked my thumb. My mother told me I would have to give it up when I went to kindergarten. The garbage men came by one day and I handed it to him to throw away ( it was getting close to kindergarten). It must have looked awful because he just tossed it into the truck. My mother watched the whole thing in horror. I just moved on I guess…but if I don’t feel well, I still revert to rubbing the satin binding on my blanket on my face!! Any psychologists out there?

  10. My favorite blanket is the one I sleep under now – a quilt I made with one of my most favorite fabric ever – an olivey-purple batik. I smile every time I crawl under it.

  11. My favorite quilt ever is a quilt my great grandmother and her quilt group made back in the 40’s. It is a churn dash pattern with each members signature embroidered on the square they pieced. So fun!

  12. i want to congratulate you on your beautiful baby! I am a new follower on fb and signed up for your wonderful newsletter. my favorite blanket was one that an amish neighbor crochet for me. I returned the favor by making her a hand pieced, hand quilted quilt in her favorite colors.

  13. Congratulations on growing your family! He’s a very handsome baby boy. Your quilt giveaway is so nice. I am following you on FB and through your blog: both email and with my blogger follow function.

  14. Congratulations! I also have a Samuel. My favourite blanket is one I use to snuggle up on the sofa. It’s also my pug’s favorite the second he sees me using it, he’s on me.

  15. what a beautiful quilt! But the baby is the most wonderful of all. As a Nana I say, “take it all in and enjoy each and every moment, as hard as it might seem at the time”.

  16. Congratulations!!!
    My fav blankets are the ones that my grandma crocheted. We have no quilters in our family so I’m in the planning stages to make my very first quilt. eep!
    Ty for such a generous giveaway.
    I followed your blog {cokelush at gmail} and fb {robin phillips-knotts}

  17. My favorite blanket ever was a baby quilt that was all pink and white and had a satin lavender elephant applique in the middle. I used it throughout my entire childhood. It was my favorite to put under a tree in our backyard and lay there and read books until my mother called me inside. When I was 18, my favorite dog was dying, I wrapped him in that blanket as it had always meant so much to me. I buried him in it in my childhood back yard under the tree where I used to read as a child. I hoped that blanket full of so much love would usher him into peace at the end of his life.

  18. Love this quilt. What a generous offering. I think my most favorite quilt is one I made with nani iro. So yummy!

  19. Congratulations, Samuel is so precious! I am now a follower and in awe of you working and neing a mom to 2 adorable little boys.. My favorite quilt to dat is the oneI made for my little nephew. Thanks for the chance to win your beautiful quilt.

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