And the winner is…

Oh my goodness, you guys, thank you so much for all of the well-wishes on our new little bundle.  I have loved reading all of the comments here and on Facebook and I wish I had all the time and money in the world so I could give every single one of you a quilt.

I put all of your names in a hat and let Jack pick the lucky winner.  He chose Regina DeCapite, who wrote “My favorite blanket is a pink seersucker receiving blanket that was given to my now 26 year old daughter as a baby. She carried it everywhere and named it ‘uh oh.’ Whenever she would drop it, she would say ‘uh oh.’ Still have it. Congratulations on your newest family member. Adorable!”

My favorite blanket as a little kid was the ugliest white printed receiving blanket imaginable.  It has a satin binding that my mom replaced multiple times after I loved it to tatters and we called it my “other blankie” because my parents would try to offer me any of the gorgeous afghans my grandma and great aunts crocheted for my, but I only wanted my “OTHER blankie”.

Congratulations, Regina!  If you would email me your address at ohsnapdragonstudios[at] I’ll send your quilt to you!

Thank you again, everyone!  Samuel has been warmly welcomed into the world.



So here’s a gratuitous baby picture of Samuel’s first visit to River Road Coffeehouse to wrap up today’s post (two babies for the price of one!).  Also, some shameless promotion – see that snazzy Market Day Tunic I’ve accessorized with those delicious babies?  In case you didn’t see our announcement on Facebook, printed patterns are finally available in our Etsy shop!  If you have already made one of our patterns, we would love to see a picture and have the link to your blog if you’ve blogged it so that we can share your creations!




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