welcome home my sweet

i’ve known for quite a while that it was waaaaayyy past time to service my sweet janome machine.  i’ve known it, i’ve thought about it, i’ve talked about it….but i haven’t done it.  last tuesday morning i found myself with an unexpected day to work at home, and being the dedicated, diligent woman that i am (hmmmm), i went right to the studio to work on a project.  i said good morning to my lovely and threaded her properly…..and she responded with a sort of a mix between a groan and a squeak.  she stitched just fine, but there seemed to be something wrong here…..tension wasn’t quite right and i got worried.  so i packed her up and headed straight to westerville sew n save for a checkup.  my smaller janome took her place and did a fine job (although i had to put a little thought into how to operate her!!)  as you can tell by now, i’m a janome sort of gal.  i love mine to death, and if you’re in the market for a new machine i highly recommend a janome….go see susan at sew n save right now!!

DSCN5213there’s my older gal, filling in and doing great!

DSCN5214and today i picked up my workhorse.  nothing was found to be amiss, she just needed to be cleaned and adjusted.  she’s home now and in her rightful place on the sewing table, ready to create.  i missed her!!

DSCN5218DSCN5217here’s a quick look at what she and I are working on down in that studio of mine…..a beautiful stack of fabric from dear stella….part of one of those projects that we can’t quite reveal yet….but soon.  the two on the bottom are my absolute favorites.  and see that wonderful seam ripper?  that was a gift from amy (our amazing photographer AND my son’s amazing girlfriend AND dear to my heart!)….and the best part?  she made that!!  her father is a talented woodworker and she obviously has the talent too…she made a few of these as gifts….it’s treasured.  it feels wonderful in my hand and when i’m not using it, or when i take it with me, the ripper part pulls out and slides into the wood body.  what a gift!!

a belated congratulations from me to regina, winner of our beautiful baby girl quilt!!  i think elizabeth had a hard time parting with it, and i’m pretty sure she’s already planning the next baby just so she can make another one!!  enjoy it regina!!



7 thoughts on “welcome home my sweet

    • the 6600 has been an amazing machine for me! the janome mat came from a local janome dealer many years ago, but I can’t find another one!! I refuse to give up though, because I love it….it’s like carpet with a rubber backing….reduces vibration, noise and makes a great pin cushion if I need it. i’ll keep searching, and if you happen to locate one please let me know!

  1. Thank you Kim!!! I am beyond ecstatic to have won the beautiful baby quilt!!! Please know that it will be treasured, well loved and taken care of!!! I am originally from Ohio, (Strongsville) Live in Georgia now. Lovely seam ripper, such a nice gift to receive.

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