On the cutting table…

There hasn’t been a whole lot of sewing going on around these parts since Mr. Samuel made his debut.  The one small project I managed to complete was a mock-up for a design we’re doing for a fabric company’s website (part of the mysterious sewing Kim has been hinting at), and we can’t share that yet, so instead, here’s what is tantalizing me from my desk dining room table cutting table.  

100_1931 editedThese arrived in the mail yesterday (after I ordered them on Tuesday – well done, Hawthorne Threads!!).  They’re part of the Jolly Farm collection from Andover in the blue and multi colorways.  I remembered seeing them at Quilt Market this spring and I knew they’d make the perfect jammie pants for my tractor-obsessed toddler (with coordinating pairs for his little cousin and brother, of course).  When I opened the package last night and showed Jack, his first response was “TRAC-TORS!” followed quickly by “hold them!”, so I knew I’d done pretty well.  

Before the PJs get made, though, I will be whipping up another Summer Jazz top in a tunic length for a friend of a friend who is pregnant and tired of maternity clothes.  

100_1933 edited


The fabric is a mystery knit from the JoAnn red tag wall, although I think I remember it having rayon and perhaps 10% linen.  I had a hard time capturing the color, but it’s sort of a grey-oatmeal-y background with dark teal blue stripes.  It’s lightweight and drapey and I think it’ll make a nice, breezy top to get her through the rest of the summer.  If there had been enough left on the bolt for two I would’ve totally gotten enough to make one for myself, too – the Summer Jazz top or tunic makes a pretty snazzy nursing top, too.  `

Here’s the reason I haven’t gotten much sewing done: 



I can’t get enough of these two!

What’s on your cutting table these days?



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