and behind door #2

jeff and i spent the afternoon saturday at a wonderful little antique mall in a neighboring town.  i love antiqueing…..and while i’m able to identify some styles and time periods, i’m not really interested in the high end antique world.  what draws my eye are the well loved pieces, the unique ones that can be repurposed and the ones that remind me of times and people from my past.  my home hold several of those types of pieces….an oak dropleaf table that’s been used by almost every person on my mother’s side of the family….a trunk that was once my great grandfather’s and is now my coffee table….pieces that you would find me trying to drag out the door if, god forbid, there was ever a fire.

for the past few weeks i’ve been living with (and trying to ignore) a huge stack of boxes that brought our printed patterns.  i’ve had a love/hate relationship with that stack….loving what they held, hating that they were there….ugly and hulking right outside the door to my studio.  so i’ve been searching for a solution….and this little latch held the wonderful solution!!

DSCN5231and again….this pic won’t flip…..just lay your head down on your left arm and you’ll see what I saw!

DSCN5227keep your head on your arm….looks like none of these are going to flip for me!  a montgomery ward kitchen cabinet….in perfect condition!!  and at the perfect price!!  be still my heart.  i hauled it home and it now resides tucked in between the mini fridge and my fathers old brown recliner that no one in the family can bear to part with.

there’s a shipping label on the back that states it was shipped to “miss lula ________” (name withheld to protect the innocent).  i meant to take a picture of that but forgot until i had that little cabinet filled, and thus unable to move.  and fill it i did… now holds our “shipping department”.


it may look like things are just crammed in there, but i assure you that everything is in it’s place and just waiting to be shipped into the hands of eager sewists.  covers, instruction sheets, tissue patterns, clear envelopes, mailing envelopes and everything we’ll need to mail them out.  there are even a few already put together and they’re living in a wire basket up on top.

DSCN5228a fuzzy pic….but, hey!  it’s upright!!

so now, what I need from you lovelies is the name of your favorite fabric shop (and location).  we’ll send them a nice little introduction and hopefully they’ll agree to carry our patterns.  and you don’t have to stop at one shop….send us all your favorites!!

i just love it when a plan comes together, don’t you?



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