Baby quilt wrap-up

I just got Samuel’s newborn portrait on his quilt wearing his (too big) romper, so I thought I’d share and show you where the baby quilts ended up since I spent so much time talking about them in the last couple of months.

Samuel's newborn portrait


Of course the boy quilt belongs to Samuel now.  It will be a play mat for the time being and then when he’s ready to move to the crib (he’s in a bassinet in our room now) it will keep him cozy this winter and for many years to come.

As we announced last week, the girl quilt went to Regina, who was kind enough to share pictures of it being enjoyed by her beautiful family.


What a pleasure to meet such nice people and share some love!

The very first quilt I ever made is still in use in our house and in fact, just got promoted two nights ago to official bedspread!


Jack “graduated” to a big boy bed this week and he’s pretty excited about it.  I’m not at all used to him being able to get himself up in the morning (in fact, the first morning I opened my eyes to a bright-eyed toddler two inches from my nose, which was a little surprising for 6:30am), but it’s working well for him.  Now to teach him to put himself down for a nap….





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