(Late) Summer and all that Jazz

Apparently today is a celebration of all things Summer Jazz.  First off, thank you so much to those of you who have purchased our patterns.  When we decided to start this company this time last year we daydreamed about throwing a nice dinner whenever we finally sold our first pattern to a non-friend or -family member.  Well, we still haven’t organized the dinner, but we have sent more patterns to people we don’t know in our first two months of being open for business than I ever expected and I am super cheesed about that.  You are helping us live the dream.

That being said, we’re working on making an inspiration page showing lots of variations on our patterns, so if you have made one of our designs, by all means, let us know!  If you would like to be included in our showcase, drop us a line and a picture or link to a post where you blogged about it and we’ll get you in the mix.  And if you’re in the mood for some back-to-school sewing and haven’t picked up your pattern yet, here’s the link to our shop where paper and PDF patterns are both available now.  Show us what you’re making!

In that spirit, Meg picked up the Summer Jazz pattern the first day we released it and shared her gorgeous dress and the post she wrote about it with us.  I love her choice of fabric- that pink is a great color on her.  After modelling our samples on our family and friends, Meg’s was the first of our designs I’d seen on someone I don’t know.  I can’t even tell you how hard I geeked out.  Thanks, Meg!  (Also, I am in awe at how much of this lady’s wardrobe is handmade.  Her blog is great because she posts often, it’s all about sewing and she reviews a *ton* of patterns for ladies, dudes and wee ones.  Love it.)


While we’re on the subject of the Summer Jazz Dress, I made another one last week in a tunic length for a friend of a friend’s birthday.  I posted a picture of the fabric last week – it was a really drapey mystery blend (rayon/poly/10% linen I think?) from the red tag wall at JoAnn, but I kinda fell in love with it.  In fact, if there had been enough on the bolt Iwould’ve gotten enough to make myself one, too, because it would make an awesome nursing top.



Apparently my brain was a little fried when I was cutting it because I didn’t realize that my fabric wasn’t straight and I messed up the stripes on one sleeve and the top of the skirt (curses), but the stripes matched on the side seams, so I was pretty happy with that.  (I am just a little bit OCD about pattern matching when I’m cutting.  Keeping a toddler and a newborn happy while I sew is throwing off my mojo a little, but it’ll be back.)

I also amused myself by making a little tag for the tunic out of muslin.  I just folded a piece in half, used pinking shears on the edges and a permanent marker to write our company name and the size.  Fun, huh?20140809_090745


I’m hoping to cut out the boys’ PJ pants this week, but I also have some baby sewing to do for a friend’s baby shower this weekend (…and maybe another SJ tunic for me?…), not to mention the designs that need to be mocked up for our fall collection (insider information: we’re doing a jacket!!), so we’ll see what all gets accomplished.  I can’t get the image of three little boys in TRAC-TOR jammies out of my head, though, so that’s going to have to happen soon.

I hope the last few weeks of summer (here in the northern hemisphere, anyway) before back to school are treating you well!  What are you working on these days?



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