if you can’t say anything nice

if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.  did your mother say that to you too?  well, they’re words to live by…and last week i simply didn’t have anything really nice to say.  not that it was a bad week….far from it, but there hasn’t been anything new happening in the studio (lots of fabric, no cutting/sewing) and i was working on a family project that proved to be a bit testy (turned out great though…guess we all just need a test once in a while!).

today i looked through the few pics that i’ve shot recently  and was sort of gobsmacked by the beauty that i  am surrounded by each and every day, so i’m sharing just a few from my past week or so.

DSCN5209DSCN5242DSCN5200DSCN5211some of the beautiful sights i see every day at my “other” job.

DSCN5222DSCN5244and part of a beautiful family….my two adorable great nieces.  who would i be without my family?  i’m not sure that i would want to know!

tomorrow there will be cutting….and sewing, and i know i’ll have very nice things to say about it.



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