Homemade Calamine Lotion

So how about it’s August and we left the windows open last night like we always do and now I’m sitting in my house with a sweatshirt on?  In August?!  The thermostat claims it’s 68 degrees in here, but the breeze blowing in the windows is a cool 48 (I WILL NOT CLOSE THE WINDOWS!  IT’S AUGUST! … yes, the babies are well bundled.  In August.)

Anyway, I wanted to share my experience with homemade calamine lotion with you since I made it in June and have been using it for everything imaginable quite a bit since then.

I used this recipe and followed it exactly.  I bought the bentonite clay and rose kaolin clay from Bulk Apothecary.*  20140815_072139


So far I’ve used it on bug bites (I dabbed a bit on a ginormous mosquito bite and let it dry, then wiped it clean before bed.  The bite was immediately no longer itchy and it was gone by morning.  Magic.  It also dried up a little patch of poison ivy rash in one day with one application.  I used it on the start of some diaper rash for Jack and it cleared that up, too.  (But don’t use it on diaper rash with open sores because the salt in the lotion will burn like crazy and make the baby even more miserable.)

The recipe says the lotion will keep for a week, which is good advice since it has water in it and water can support bacterial growth.  I’ve been using the same batch all summer by keeping it in the fridge, where it dries out over time but still seems to be ok if I add a little more water and stir it up when I need it.


So there you have it!  Homemade calamine lotion!  Thwart itches and feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder while you’re at it!

Now does anyone have other fun uses for the pound of clay I have left?  🙂


*This is not a sponsored post, by the way – I’m just a satisfied customer.


4 thoughts on “Homemade Calamine Lotion

  1. GREAT recipe!! I have the bentonite clay but not the other clay. I use the bentonite mixed with vinegar (I use the organic unfiltered variety), to make a paste as a face mask. Smooth the paste over your face and let it dry to a funky, chalky, crispiness. Peel, flake, wash off and my skin is crazy smooth, pores clean and ready for some lovely moisturizer. :))

  2. Awesome tip..Thanks! As for the left over clay.. I would experiment with using it in paint to make do it yourself Chalk Paint. I have used Plaster a Paris.. but some of the new ones say they use clay in the paint.. ???? Interesting

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