cutting and sewing as promised!

the week flew by without much sewing getting done….but then friday came and i hit the studio.

DSCN5261and this knit (remember this from a few weeks ago?) became this…..

DSCN5259a late summer maxi skirt.  my model got it a bit wrinkled putting it on (messy girl), but a quick press and i’ll be ready for our outdoor jazz concert wednesday evening.

and this lovely anna maria horner voile


became this….

DSCN5260it’s a summer jazz with just a few little modifications.  I cut this one longer than the “top” length but shorter than the dress length to create a tunic to wear with my skinnies.  and then i added a sleeve!!!  yep, a sleeve!!  while i love the flutter sleeve on our summer jazz, fall is fast approaching and i wanted to change it up just a bit….something that would allow me to wear it all year long without having to layer it.  and the big news is…..a  sleeve will be available in the future as a free download so you can all make your summer jazz into a fall/winter jazz dress/top/tunic.  ever since i made the sample for sew to speak using this fabric i’ve known i’d have to have one of my own.

what length sleeve do you like?  since we haven’t graded a pattern yet, there’s still time to change it up.  elbow? 3/4 length? long?  weigh in…we want to hear from you!

i also made some cushions for my parents swing, altered a dress and made some dish towels.  yes indeed, there was some cutting and sewing going on here.  and while i haven’t begun this next project yet, this adorable print and knit

DSCN5264will soon become monkey bar skirts for my great nieces.  their daddies both have horses and this little horse with his pink cheeks caught my eye a while back.  i had trouble finding a knit for the shorts, but since they’re hidden underneath i felt the pink would work….plus it’s their favorite color….win/win.

i’ll leave you with a little tease about this friday’s blog post.  after several months of talking about it, we’ll finally begin our series “snapdragon studios top 10 with…”.  we have several exciting desiners and bloggers participating and our first interview will be with kay whitt of serendipity studio.  she’s got amazing talent and has been so kind and supportive of our new venture.  so be sure to stop back friday!!!



6 thoughts on “cutting and sewing as promised!

  1. I love the sleeves foe Fall. I was just getting ready to make this. I will wait now for the sleeves. I really like the 3/4 sleeves. It would be nice to have an option for both! I purchased your pattern on download and the paper pattern. What did you mean by saying that the pattern was not graded?

    • Thanks, Diana! When a pattern is graded it means that all of the sizes are there (XS-XL). When we develop a pattern we just make a medium and then send it to our grader who has the software to digitize it and size it up and down from there. Since this is just the prototype we can still make changes to it before we send it to the grader. 🙂 -Elizabeth

    • diane,
      just to clarify…Elizabeth explained how we grade our patterns….the dress pattern is already graded. the new sleeve is what I was referring to. once we decide on a style (or maybe styles) we’ll have it graded to fit all sizes of the dress. and we’ll announce it once it’s ready!!

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