In the kitchen

There’s nothing revolutionary about this BLT recipe (if you can call it that- perhaps “assembly instructions” is more apt?), but we’ve had them four or five times in the last couple weeks and I expect we’ll have them again before tomato season is over. BLTs elevate tomatoes to their highest calling in my opinion. I hope you get a chance to sink your teeth into a few before autumn comes.



We used an everything baguette this time, toasted on the grill, and cooked the bacon on the grill as well. We used Oink Moo Cluck peppered bacon. A Hillbilly tomato and microgreens from the farmer’s market, a smear of mayo and touch of salt and pepper is all it needs.  I bought Paul some fancy salts for Christmas last year and I’ve gotten obsessed with the hickory smoked sea salt (amazing on eggs and BLTs), but regular salt also does nicely.

This can be dressed up as a BELT (bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato) and you can swap out bread and types of tomato at will.  Cherokee Purple tomatoes are my current favorite for this, but we had BLTs with a Pineapple tomato last week that tasted like guava. I’m annoying about tomatoes,  I know. Just use a good, ripe one and you’ll be golden.

What’s in your late summer kitchen?


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