Snapdragon Studios Top 10 with… Simple Simon and Company

we’ve asked some of our favorite designers and bloggers the same 10 questions….5 relating to business and 5 of a more personal nature (wink, wink, nod, nod).  we’ll be sharing their responses each week, so be sure to check back on fridays to catch them all.
I can’t even remember how I first found it, but I’ve been reading liZ and Elizabeth’s blog, Simple Simon and Company, for a few years now.  Aside from the fact that they are sisters-in-law who are both named Elizabeth (so obviously they must be great, right?) they offer wonderful tutorials as well as writing lovely, insightful (and often hilarious) posts about life in general.  When I came across their Art of Homemaking series I read through all of the archives in one long sitting – in fact, I printed off one of their quotes and keep it near my desk as a reminder.
We’re so tickled to have them here!  Grab a soda and some chips and salsa and join us.  🙂
What has been your greatest professional challenge and how has it affected you and your business?
I would say….the technical, mechanical parts of the actually business…recording expenses, tracking items, etc…I’d always much rather be creating than doing paper work and computer jobs!
Who or what has been your greatest inspiration? And your biggest distraction?
I think that both of our greatest sources of inspiration are our families…especially our little girls…they are the ones that we want to sew for!  And I would also have to say that they are also our biggest distractions as well.  It’s so hard to work where there is playing to be done! 🙂
What has been the most surprising outcome of your creative journey?
All of the wonderful, wonderful women we have met along the way.  We believe that women who sew are among the nicest women on the planet!
Is there one project that will always hold a place in your heart? Why?
The dresses that we’ve made for our girls…they will always remind us of when our girls were young…always.
What’s next? Where do you hope to be in 5 years? 10 years?
We aren’t sure!  We have quite a few exciting things lined up on the horizon (that we can’t announce yet) but we can say that we are planning on hanging around in the sewing community for a long time to come!
And on a personal note…
What’s your favorite way to spend a day off? Any guilty indulgences?
We both love spending time with our family…movie night camp outs, lazy days at the pool, etc.
Where would you travel if you had no restrictions on time and money?
Both of us are huge Disneyland fans…so….I’d have to say probably a big giant crazy trip around the world with all of our kids that begins and ends at Disneyland!
How to you balance work/home/family/everyday life? How does your family deal with all the demands on your time?
We try to do most of our work while our kids are napping, at school, or in bed….and so far we’ve done a pretty good job of keeping it that way.  Sure we have a lot of late night meetings but it’s worth it!
What’s a typical “day in the life” for you? Are you a morning person or a night owl, all work before play?
Elizabeth is a morning person and does a lot of her work in the early morning hours.  Me…I’m a night owl and I do most of my work late at night.
What’s your favorite rant? What’s your soapbox?
Hummmm….probably people that think that they have “arrived” and that they have nothing left to learn about sewing (or any other topic).  There is always something new to learn…a different technique to try, a new way of doing things, a different perspective to see…always.

The Starboard Skirt, Simple Simon & Co.

Extra Credit:
Sum up your life in 6 words:
 *****I don’t know if it sums up our lives but it sums up our blog:  Two girls.  Same name.  Sewing Mayhem!
liZ and Elizabeth – it’s so great to get to know you better!  Thanks for playing along.  🙂
Elizabeth and Kim

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