it’s ‘mater season

i’m not ashamed to say that i’m a VERY picky eater….i’m a meat and potatoes girl and will only eat my veggies in the raw (the veggies, not me!).  while i enjoy my pasta with olive oil and garlic, i married a good italian boy who loves his spaghetti with sauce!  over the years i’ve pretty much perfected my sauce recipe to the point where my family refuses to eat anyone else’s.  my sister, her sons and a few friends tend a huge garden….several gardens to be precise and she spends a lot of her summer canning to preserve the bounty.  this morning she and i spent some time juicing some of her tomatoes for a quadruple batch of my sauce.

DSCN5281DSCN5285DSCN5282she borrowed her friends nifty juicer which made the job go much faster…and of course now i’m trying to find a good reason to buy one.

DSCN5286DSCN5287 even this non ‘mater eating girl has to admit that the juice looked pretty yummy, all foamy and pink.

DSCN5288DSCN5291 the finished product….cans of tomato juice that will be turned into sauce right away….meatballs have been made and are just waiting to jump into the pot with all that tomato goodness.  i think wednesday evening will be pasta night…stop on over, there’s plenty to go around!!



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