a design for “dear stella”

we met some wonderful people at quilt market last may.  we introduced ourselves and snapdragon studios to a LOT of manufacturers and designers.  but we were still a bit surprised (very pleasantly of course!) to hear from not one, but TWO of the fabric manufacturers not long after we returned home.  both had sent out an invitation to submit design ideas for their websites featuring their fabrics.  both (!) purchased some of our designs and this past week, dear stella released our journal cover as a free pattern.  they blogged about the cover and let us know that it was ready to share….so we’re sharing!!

it’s such a simple project….easily completed in just an hour or so….and who wouldn’t want several of these cute covers for those inexpensive composition pads?  great for keeping track of projects/ideas/sketches/grocery lists.  there’s a pen pocket on the front and a bigger pocket on the inside cover for loose notes or receipts…all tied up to keep it tidy…a perfect gift!

our own amy did an amazing job of photographing the samples i made, along with the instructional photos included in the tutorial.  she even managed to make my scrawny old lady hands looks professional!

here are just a few shots of the samples i sent off to dear stella…

this is the one we used as our assembly sample.DSCN5232

but this one has to be my favorite one….just love this fabric!!DSCN5235

i added some buttons to a couple of the samples….really you could use anything to make these your “own”….embroidery, button, labels, maybe even a tiny pocket in the corner. (and you can tell that these are my own pics because they’re blurry!!  sorry amy!)DSCN5237DSCN5236

and here’s the entire collection.  of course i’ve already made several more for myself already!DSCN5238

you can see dear stella’s entire collection of fabric here, along with lots of other free patterns and ideas.  i hope you’ll make a few…and don’t forget to share them with us!!



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