Blog Hop with Beth of 110 Creations

It’s week two of the blog hop!  This week we’re happy to have Beth of 110 Creations joining us.  I came across Beth’s blog via Sew Mama Sew and immediately fell down the rabbit hole of reading “just one more post” until I finally remembered that my people were counting on me to feed them had to stop to make dinner.  And then I went back and read some more.  When I emailed her to invite her to join our blog hop, we discovered that we’re actually long-lost twins (ok, fraternal twins – I’ll never be that blonde, although my kid is.)  Her name is also Elizabeth (obviously), she didn’t find out the gender of her child before she was born, and had her daughter been a son the baby’s name would’ve been Jack.  Our middle names aren’t the same… because she has the same middle name as my sister.  Weird, huh?

What impresses me the most about Beth is that she decided that she wanted to learn to sew, started sewing, started the blog, and then PUBLISHED A BOOK ABOUT SEWING.  How neat is that?  Actually, it’s a workbook/ project planning tool, which is even better for me since I keep my sewing “notes” in about five different notebooks that are all mostly filled with post-it notes and random scraps of paper.  I just ordered my copy – I’ll definitely share when it arrives and I’ve had a chance to fill it up a bit.  🙂  It’s available here and (lucky us!) Beth shared a coupon code for free shipping on her book page that’s good through September 11th.

But on to the blog hop!  Beth stitched up a Summer Jazz Dress.  I love her choice of fabric – how breezy and comfy does she look?  All of this blog hopping is making me want to make some more SJs for myself.  Sleep isn’t *that* critical, right?  🙂



Head over to Beth’s blog to see more pictures of her dress and read what she has to say about it.  Don’t forget to check back here Friday for our final Top 10 interview with Jennifer of Mona Luna!


P.S.  If you missed the first installment of the blog hop, it’s available here.  Be sure to visit on Wednesdays through mid-October for more inspiration!

9/3: Morgan at Thread Theory

9/10: Beth at Sew 110 Creations

9/17: Meg at Cookin’ and Craftin’

9/24: Claire at Hoopes Park Studios

10/1: Teri at Fa Sew La

10/8: Maris at Sew Maris



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