a week of goodness

what an amazing week we had this past week!!  the weather was perfection…warm days, cool evenings, trees just beginning to slip into their fall finery.  it flew by, but looking back i managed to pack quite a bit of goodness into it.




can you handle another bonfire picture?  to celebrate my parent’s 64th anniversary the family got together for a traditional “stew on the campfire” day.  I think we made something like 16 quarts of beef stew in cast iron pots…just like we did way back in the day when we camped.  my nephew crafted that amazing contraption over the fire….a main rack for cooking, a swivel rack just in case you don’t need full heat, and enough room left for our tripod and pot.  stew and cornbread….now that’s how to celebrate!!

DSCN5440orders were filled and mailed…such a great feeling!  thanks to everyone who has ordered from us already….and if you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for??

DSCN5488bug and I spent part of our afternoon together making dinner for her daddy, which included home baked bread.  we used a “bread in a bag” method which was great for an almost 5 year old and the bread was delicious!

DSCN5494 some sewing was accomplished!!  a few more composition journal covers for dear stella.  if you haven’t already taken a look, jump on over and check out the free pattern we designed for them….it’s super simple and gives those composition books a bit of class.  i also put together a great tutorial for a quick project (think gift giving too!!) which will appear here soon, so there was some time spent in the studio.

while i can’t share pictures quite yet, some pattern work also took place.  they’re coming together and we can’t wait to share them with you….soon…very soon.

it looks like it’s going to be another beautiful fall week….i’m looking forward to seeing what it brings.  hope yours is filled with all sorts of memories in the making!



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