it’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s a sleeve???

what’s that you say?  you love the summer jazz dress, but fall and winter are coming and that flutter sleeve seems so summery?  you love the flutter sleeve, but you’re more of a 3/4 length kind of girl?  then you’ll be glad you stopped by today of all days!

announcing…..THE SLEEVE!!


the top photo you may have seen before….it’s a tunic i made to test the elbow sleeve when it was first drafted.  the bottom pic is a 3/4 length.  i haven’t made myself a long sleeved one yet, but it’s on the cutting table.

the great news about this sleeve?  it’s now available as a FREE download and is graded for all sizes in all three lengths.  this is only the sleeve pattern…you’ll need to purchase the dress pattern, unless you have a sleeve fetish and just want a new sleeve pattern!  (i’m sure there’s probably a support group out there for you somewhere.)  so if you, or someone you know already has the summer jazz dress pattern, just go to “our patterns” for your free sleeve pattern.  if you’ve been on the fence about purchasing….i think we just knocked you off!

we’ll have more pretty pictures to share soon as we begin to stock up our fall and winter closets.  i’m considering a lightweight flannel….now, how cozy would that be?



3 thoughts on “it’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s a sleeve???

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