behind the amylynn wrister

random gatheringabout 2 years ago…or it could have been 3 (i mean, wasn’t 2008 just a week and a half ago?) my son’s dear girlfriend (yep…amy) asked for my help in creating a fabric cuff similar to one she had seen elsewhere (a store? on the street?  i can’t remember….hey, it’s been a week and a half!!)  the funny part here is that she wanted to make the cuff/wrister for her friend elizabeth (yep…elizabeth…as in my now business partner elizabeth).  we headed down to the studio….which was better known then as “the corner of the cellar” (not really a cellar, but it always sounded so much more dramatic that way!!) and we fiddled with fabric scraps until we came up with just the right size, just the right fabric, just the right button.  i’m not sure if elizabeth ever actually received one, but amy wore hers proudly.  we said then that this little wrister would make a great quick gift and i tucked the idea away (for at least a week and a half).  then elizabeth and i began snapdragon studios and we knew that it would make a great tutorial…..and so we have the amylynn wrister,  named for the lovely amy who brought the idea to us…thanks amy!!

i hope you’ll enjoy making one (or a dozen) as much as i have.  they’re sort of addictive….at first you’ll agonize over fabric/button choice wanting to get the perfect combination…and soon you’ll find that this wrister is adorable using any and all fabric combinations.

stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, one to show your dearest friend that she means the world to you….and a few just for you!!  we’ve put it  together for you in 10 easy steps…’ll have a dozen made in no time at all (definitely less than a week and a half!).


finished on modelfinished and wearing



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