biting the big apple

it’s been rather quiet here at snapdragon studios blog.  but we have a pretty good reason for it.  we were HERE!!!


0X1B9156that’s right….new york city…center of the universe!  for several reasons we decided not to attend fall quilt market in houston this year (but watch out next october!), and i suggested that instead we take a quick trip to nyc to do some fabric shopping in the garment district.  it was a whirlwind trip, leaving at 4am tuesday and returning at 11pm thursday….whirlwind almost doesn’t do it justice.  we found an amazing deal on a small apartment just across the hudson using airbnb, only a 15 minute bus ride from times square and it was perfect, not that we spent much time in it!

we arrived mid afternoon and after freshening up from our drive we headed straight into the city.  first stop….m&j trimming.  i’ve been there once, but it was elizabeth and amy’s first time…m&j virgins.  i think even the least creative person on earth would be struck with inspiration just walking through the doors….for us it was instant overload!


while elizabeth and samuel (yep, the wee samuel joined us on our trip and was a shopping trooper!!) stood mesmerized by the walls of ribbon, i was lost in the selection of hardware and buttons and trims.


that empty basket didn’t stay empty for long though.



DSCN5585one stop was enough after a long day driving, so we wandered around bryant park where they were having their winterfair….such intriguing little shops AND ice skating!! wednesday was to be our “big” day….the entire day was spent walking, shopping, toting….repeat.


0X1B91510X1B9150 0X1B9146 - Copy - Copy0X1B9137 - Copy - Copymood….need I say anything more?  well, maybe….leather!!

and since i’m also a knitter (and lover of liberty fabrics) i HAD to make a stop at purl soho.DSCN5610 - Copy - CopyDSCN5608DSCN5611

we had a list of at least 20 shops we wanted to check out, but realistically we knew that we’d only make it to a few.  the leather, silk and linen selections were amazing….and the wool, wool cashmere and wool suiting….oh my!!  the magic 8 ball says more trips are in my future and who can argue with the magic 8 ball?

advice for shopping the garment district?  either go with no plan at all and let the fabric guide you OR go with a strict list and stick to it.  i was firmly in the middle and quickly began to doubt my own choices…sensory overload set in pretty fast.  i did however manage to schlep a few bags of fabric home with me….i felt it was my duty!!

so, after 36 hours or so, we headed back to port authority for our final bus trip out of the city….for this visit!

DSCN5623 - Copy - Copy


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