early case of the fidgety twitches

i’m loathe to admit that i’m getting fidgety about the holidays….already.  not thanksgiving….i love thanksgiving day.  i host, and we don’t eat until evening so i get to spend almost the entire day wearing fleece jammie pants while i cook….one of THE BEST days of the year.  no, it’s “the holidays” that has me feeling a bit twitchy.  by this time of the year i normally have several gifts completed…or at least planned.  but last year i sunk to a new low and gave my sister a box of fabric and hardware with a promise of a new bag….she doesn’t have a new bag yet….sorry sis!  christmas advertisements are on the tv….and the fidgety twitching sets in.

each year sew mama sew does a series they call “handmade holidays”.  every post is a different category….babies, tweens, glamour girls, family…and has a collection of gift projects.  they also share recipes and printables (tags, packaging) in each post.  i’m telling you….it might just be the cure for the fidgety twitches!  at the very least it’s relieving some of the symptoms.


a bag made from recycled clothing….can you tell this used to be a pleated skirt?  genius!!

this little cutie was listed under “travel”, but i think it looks a lot better than leaving my phone sitting on top of the canister set to charge!

HH10Outdoor4[1]one word…..adorable!!

HH2Baby5[1]no babies in my world at the moment, but i’m not sure i can resist making these anyway!

HH1Glamour6[1]a book….made into a clutch….wonder if i could find one the right size to hold my nook….a book inside a book…clever.

HH4Printable1[1]printable gift tags….you can also find printable boxes (great for those home baked goodies).

if you’re familiar with sew mama sew, then you know of this goodness.  if not, head over there right now for some relief from the fidgety twitches and a good dose of inspiration.



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