Shhh! It’s a secret!

The ladies group at my church did a year-year-long secret sister program thus year and if you are looking for a simple, fun gift for a friend you might like the little pampering jars I put together this month.


I’ve seen about a million gift-in-a-mason-jar ideas on Pinterest, which is where I got the idea, but instead of the standard nail file + polish + lotion I wanted to add something extra. Melissa of Melly Sews had a pattern recently for some cute running shorts,  so I whipped up a couple pair for comfy pjs for my secret sisters. (I know it’s like 21 degrees here right now, but I don’t like sleeping in anything longer than shorts,  so maybe they don’t either.)


I think they turned out pretty cute!


They don’t take much fabric at all (less than 3/4 yard, I think), so I was able to squeak them out of the scraps from making samples for Dear Stella’s Quilt Market booth. I was able to make one pair of shorts in the time it took Paul and Jack to watch Turbo, so they’re a pretty quick and easy gift. I rounded the jars out with nail polish, lip gloss and chocolate (obviously).

What are you making these days?



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