it’s coming together

i feel like it’s starting to come together….i braved the pre-thanksgiving grocery (my early morning plan worked!) and both the pantry and fridge are stocked, the menu is ready (actually it’s always the same menu….my boys wouldn’t have it any other way!) and at least part of the house is clean.  *sigh of relief*

and once again there is sewing happening in the studio!!  we’re getting ready to do a photo shoot and update the website, showing some new fabrics and adding sleeves to the summer jazz dress, so i’ve been making up a few things.  maybe that’s what got the mojo working again….whatever it was i’m grateful.  i spent the afternoon cutting out several projects and stacking them, ready for the magic to happen.  sadly, some of them are gifts and the recipients read this blog, so i can’t share a lot of it quite yet.

there’s a chambray and double gauze market day tunic….almost done since this picture was taken.

another summer jazz dress with elbow sleeves….this time somewhere between the top length and the tunic length
some cozy flannel pants…i live in these at home!!
and some soft, fleecy goodness for the smallest girls in my life (they can’t read yet….lucky for me!)
there’s an ever growing stack of silky fabrics that i’ll probably turn into scarves.

and there’s quite a bit of wooly business going on….needles clacking away in front of the fire each evening….wine is also present in front of that fire!

how many of you give hand made gifts? we’d love to have you share your favorite “go to” projects!!

have a wonderful thanksgiving….


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