it’s beginning to look….

i love driving through town and seeing the lit trees lining the streets, the unique and individual ways that people decorate.  i’ve always envied the homes in photos….you know the ones, where everything reflects light, all the ornaments “match” and the entire house seems cohesive.  but then i decorate my own home and realize that i wouldn’t trade the memories that my holiday decorations hold for all the glittery perfection in the world.  my tree still holds construction paper chains made by a now 31 year old.  ornaments that tell the stories of three boys growing up, a few ornaments from a dear grandmother, a favorite aunt, and the hand painted wooden ones that my husband and i painted together during our dating years.

so today i’m sharing little snippets of my holiday…..they’ll never be seen in a magazine, but each one holds a memory.

the quilted snowman wall hanging…each block was a monthly gift from a secret sister in quilt guild.
a snowflake…i have three, one from each of the boys during their cub scout years.
my grandmothers lead figures, including a horse drawn buggy, skiers, sledders and figure skaters.

my handmade snowmen who grace my hoosier each year…my favorites being the chilly little couple who always sit together happily.
part of my bay window…a simple cracker jar filled with ornaments reflecting the lights of the garland lining the window.
and in the corner of my kitchen, standing by the bay window is an alpine tree filled with cardinals, nests and pinecones (marcia…i think of you every time i look at that tree!)

i hope you’re all feeling the brightness of the holiday….share it with everyone you meet.


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