The “Follow Me” Pillow

If you follow Dear Stella or were paying close attention to our Tutorials page you may have noticed a project we did for them way back in the fall: the “Follow Me” Pillow. Dear Stella reached out to us in September about working up a pattern based on an inspiration picture they sent us and writing the pattern and tutorial for their projects page to promote their (then) new Sunday Morning fabric line.  I thought that I would share a little of what went into that tutorial today.     After seeing the inspiration picture (which I won’t post here because I don’t know where it came from), I played around with some measurements and sent this terrible cell phone picture to our contact at Dear Stella for her feedback: 20140921_090238 (1) We agreed that it was too skinny in the middle and that the “feathers” on the end should be chunkier.  We also wanted one side of the pillows to be “quilted” (actually just pieced strips), so I started playing around with widths for the stripes, too.  My next prototype was with some sweet dinosaur fabric that Jack chose from my stash.

arrow pillow mockup solid


With this version I settled on the final width for the pieced stripes.  I played around with chunky piping (and learned my lesson about marking and clipping my corners – see how it’s a little torqued on the bottom of the arrowhead?  Oops.)

arrow pillow mockup multi


I also did this one without any interfacing, which convinced me that it really needed it because it wasn’t as crisp as I would have liked.  Luckily none of that bothered Jack, who still sleeps on the dino pillow every night.

We decided that narrower piping was in order, settled on which fabrics would go where, and we were finally in business.

I wrote the instructions, Kim edited them, Amy came over to shoot the tutorial for me and we selected the photos for the illustrated steps so I could format the instruction page.  I finished up the samples, drew up the pattern page and mailed the samples off to Dear Stella so they could be used to decorate their fall Quilt Market booth.

DS Follow Me Pillow header


So there you have it: a commissioned project from start to finish.  I kind of love them, don’t you?  The funny thing?  Aside from the dinosaur I have yet to make any for my house.  I think they would look adorable as a pair on a bed instead of throw pillows, and I really want to make one or two for my daybed when I re-cover the (very well worn) pillows that are on it now.  Oh well… add them to the list, right?

Is there anything you’d like to hear more about?  I formatted the instructions for this project in Publisher (because I’m still an Illustrator rookie!) and I thought about writing a how-to post on pattern formatting in Publisher, but I don’t want to make people’s eyes glaze over.  Is that something you’d be interested in?  Let me know!

What are you working on these days?



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