bring on the new year!

it’s been a while.

while elizabeth was enjoying the holidays, i’ve had a few other things going on.  not that the holiday wasn’t wonderful….it was!  Christmas day was pure joy…the rushing from one house to another, great food and family.  the days following weren’t exactly what i was expecting.  my father experienced some health problems just a few days after Christmas.  he’s fine now…back home and bored to tears with winter, but for a couple of weeks we needed to pull together as a family and take care of business.  during those weeks (the coldest of the season in these parts), my mother also gave us a scare (let’s just say, the local emergency squad is now on our Christmas card list!) and my sister was hit by the mack truck known as the flu.  loving our parents is easy.  i’m blessed to say that i also LIKE mine!!  i enjoy hanging out with them, i like their friends, i enjoy being together with them.  i discovered something during this past month or so, and that is, no matter what, i will never be as good a daughter to them as they have been parents to me.  blessings abound!!

so….what else have i been up to since finishing up those last minute gifts?  no sewing:(  there were weeks when i didn’t even step foot into my studio!!  i would go to the door and toss things inside, but that was it!  that doesn’t mean my hands weren’t busy though.


i knit….at the hospital, and late in the evenings at home, knitting let me wind down and gave me a chance to process everything that was going on.  socks are my go-to knitting.  i wear only hand knit socks.  they’re perfectly portable, beautiful and practical.  and there’s a whole lot more yarn just waiting for it’s turn on the needles!!  i cranked out a scarf, a cowl, fingerless mitts and socks, with a sweater in the works.

and i drank coffee….lots of coffee.


coffee while reading on my nook (best gift ever dear husband!), coffee while knitting, coffee while on the computer!  and see that amazing mug?  another perfect gift, this time from kyle and amy.  it’s a handwarmer mug…you slip your fingers into that wonderful little “sleeve” and you’re toasty warm inside and out.

and there’s been beauty to behold, although i’m told that beauty is in the eye of the beholder!  i’m a winter lover, so the snow is a happy sight for me (in moderation of course!!).


a lovely bit of frosting on my property.  and a sunset that brings a peaceful end to the day.

i’ll be back in the studio soon…i’m heading there now!! wonder what suprises await me!! i’ll  let you know what i find.



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