back in the studio at last

so let’s get back to some sewing….after all, this IS a sewing blog!!  i finally returned to my studio after a much longer holiday hiatus than i had planned.  for weeks i would pass by the door and toss something inside…fabric, yarn, needles, patterns…they all ended up in a heap just inside the door.  so first things first, i had to wade through before i could get back to business.  i found flannel…lots of flannel.  there were plans to make it into gifts but i never got to it it hasn’t happened yet…the flannel has been patient, but it’s whispering behind my back that maybe i’ve been cheating with some voile.

and i found this.


it’s hammered satin, which sounds a bit violent.  i usually run screaming for the hills when i see satin…memories of making 5 bridesmaids gowns in 4 weeks with 2 toddlers underfoot…yikes!  but i made my sister a summer jazz tunic for Christmas using this fabric, the color made me think of her.  i even had it done in time to use it in an early December photo shoot (yes, i gave my sister an already worn tunic! but it was only on the model for 10 minutes, i swear!)  but alas, i had the size wrong so i’m in the process of a do-over….same fabric, right size.

so here’s the picture from the photo shoot….something i couldn’t share before the holidays just in case my sister suspected something.


here’s another summer jazz in knit…with LONG SLEEVES!!  love it!!  my office is chilly and i have to wear long sleeves (and sometimes multiple sweaters), so this one has seen some wear this season.


and yet another in a sheer fabric that was sort of nasty challenging to work with, but i love the color and print.  this one with the 3/4 length sleeve.  and pockets….i need pockets so i put them in just about everything i make.


the sleeve pattern for the summer jazz dress is free!  just click on “our pattern” for the pdf.  elbow, 3/4 and long sleeve versions to add to the flutter sleeve.  so many options!

there’s more to be found in that little studio of mine…and some brand new things to share…next time.



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