Birthday doings

It’s my birthday! And this is a big one- the beginning of my third decade.

I didn’t make any big plans for the day because we have already had two birthday parties in the past week (Paul’s last Friday and my aunt’s on Saturday), so a quiet day sounded just about right.
I needed to renew my tags, so the kiddos and I started at the BMV, where there was no line (!!) and the clerk wished me a happy birthday.  We went to River Road Coffeehouse for breakfast from there and the kids, bless their little socks, were angels, so I got to drink my latte while it was still hot (bliss!).

We came home for Samuel’s nap and Jack and I commenced a day of baking. (Spoiler alert: Jack’s attention span lasted long enough to get us through the beginning of banana nut bread before he left to play with his “tuh-wucks.”)


While the banana bread was baking, I mixed up a batch of lemon – lavender shortbread for a doTERRA class I am helping with tomorrow, then started on some belated Valentines English toffee for Paul. (I didn’t make it to the store for Valentines chocolate for him… oops.)



While all of those were baking/ cooking/ cooling I had dough rising for a couple of peasant loaves that I will serve with herbed olive oil tomorrow at the class.



Now the last loaf is in the oven, Paul just walked in from work with a lovely bouquet of birthday flowers, Jack is napping while Samuel nurses and I am thinking that thirty is looking pretty good so far.

How are you spending this snowy February day?


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