beautifully warm

several weeks ago i joined in with many other makers through caroline hulse of sew caroline and signed up for a handmade scarf exchange.  i was just finishing up a warm wool cowl at the time and figured i’d be ahead of the game….i had mine almost completed!!  names were randomly jostled and i received an email with the name of the person i was to make a scarf for…..and she lived in southern California!!!  the cowl now rests in my “done” basket and i hustled and made an infinity scarf using cotton shirting and lace.  i dropped in the mail by the deadline and waited.  i was weirdly excited about what i might receive and from whom.

then it came.  i have to admit, i opened it like a 4 year old at Christmas.  and i wasn’t disappointed!

a beautiful crocheted cowl handmade by heather. i love the color, the texture, and those covered buttons!!!
these pictures (taken quite quickly and in poor light) don’t do this cowl justice. it’s beautiful!!

thank you heather.

on the sewing front i’m sharing a pic of some really cute dear stella fabric. it’s from their “dress me for the playground” collection. while i can’t share details quite yet (but very soon), we’ve designed another small project for dear stella using these fabrics. it should be complete and on their website in early march….ready for some spring/easter sewing….and this project would be perfect for easter…hint, hint.


stay warm!!


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